Summer 2016 | Beat the Heat

December 21, 2016


I'm currently sitting at my parent's house in Janesville, Minnesota, sipping a coffee and listening to scratchy Johnny Cash records on repeat. I'm home for Christmas break and figured that I'd use all this extra time (which I rarely have any of) to try my hand at starting an online photo journal. We'll see how long I am able to keep this up, but ideally I'd like to make one post a month with photos and videos featuring events from the past year.


I take hundreds of photos every month, but many of them are never seen by anyone except myself. This was especially true this past summer as I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and family. Sure, I post to Instagram fairly often, but a lot of the photos that I take deserve to be seen in a larger context. My hope is that these photographs can serve as more than a source of my own self-indulgence, and that you will be able to relate to some of the moments and stories that I've captured.

My cousin recently bought a house with a pool, and my friends and I definitely approved of their purchase. We were out at their house in the country on a weekly basis. This is a photo of two of my best friends. Hanging out and cracking jokes– Nothing captures our relationship better this.


Brady dislocated his shoulder in our senior year of football. Since then, he's had multiple surgeries to correct the issue. Rather than risk another dislocation by leading with his arms, he now only dives headfirst.


This is another life-long friend of mine, Tobin. After graduating, he went to South Dakota and joined an agricultural fraternity while I went to design school in New York City. We're an unlikely combination of personalities, but somehow we've managed to stay incredibly close over the years. 


Tobin can float. Like he's actually buoyant. It's pretty cool. 


This is my sister Gabbie. Now that we're older and both in school, we don't mind hanging out with each other. We used to argue quite a bit, but she doesn't annoy me nearly as much as she once did.  

This is one of my cousins. (I'd give her name, but she has an identical twin sister, and I still struggle to tell them apart.) Anyway, I don't get to spend much time with them because I'm away most of the year, but at my family's annual Fourth of July get-together, they had a great time chasing me with their squirt guns while I snapped photos of them.


My favorite ladies– Gabbie on the left and my girlfriend, Laura, on the right. Summer is way more fun with these two. 


This summer I started focusing more heavily on taking portraits, so here's a shot of Tyler giving me his GQ look.


This is a fun shot from early in the summer. We took my uncle's pontoon out for an afternoon in the sun. Naturally, we took to jumping off the boat, and Ben (featured) told me that he could dive through the center of one of our floaties. I didn't believe him, but he proved me wrong.


Here's a little clip of Ben, Dev, and I jumping off of the pool house. Be sure to note our reaction to standing on the blistering hot rooftop. 


I had to finish with this photo because it's by far one of my favorites of the summer. That day, the heat index was above 100ºF. After Ben got done working, we went to the pool and began with our usual antics. I titled this photo "Swimming with the Dolphins." 


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